Security, Privacy, and Trust

Invitation and dates

We invite research contributions to the Security, Privacy, and Trust Track at the 28th edition of the Web Conference series (formerly known as WWW), to be held May 13-17, 2019 in San Francisco, United States (

This track offers researchers working on security, privacy, trustworthiness the opportunity to present their work to the broad community of researchers, with myriad backgrounds and interests, who will be attending the 2019 Web Conference.

Topics include (but are not limited to)

  • Big data security and privacy
  • Data transparency
  • Digital identity management
  • Human and usability factors in Web security and privacy
  • Measurement of online crime/underground economics
  • Tracking, profiling, and countermeasures against them
  • Measurement, analysis, and circumvention of Web censorship
  • Browser security
  • Authentication and authorization for Web-based services
  • Social network security and privacy
  • Abusive content such as online harassments, spam, and fake reviews
  • Privacy-enhancing technologies for the Web
  • Legal, ethical, policy issues of Web security and privacy
  • Security for Web services (e.g., blogs, Web feed, wikis, social networks)
  • Applications of cryptography to the Web
  • Security in Web-based electronic commerce (e-cash, auctions, etc.)
  • Security and privacy for intelligent assistants
  • Data protection from ransomware
  • Blockchain in the context of Web security
  • Artificial Intelligence in the context of Web security


Abstract submission deadline
Oct 29 2018
Full paper submission deadline
Nov 05 2018
Acceptance notification
Jan 21 2019

All submission deadlines are end-of-day in the Anywhere on Earth (AoE) time zone.

Track Chairs

  • Elisa Bertino Purdue University, United States
  • Ashish Kundu IBM Research, United States



Program committee

  • Adam Doupé Arizona State University
  • Adam J. Lee University of Pittsburgh
  • Ahmad-Reza Sadeghi TU Darmstadt
  • Andrei Sabelfeld Chalmers University of Technology
  • Aniello Castiglione University of Salerno
  • Aniket Kate Purdue University
  • Anna Squicciarini Pennsylvania State University
  • Attila A Yavuz Oregon State University
  • Aurélien Francillon EURECOM
  • Barbara Carminati University of Insubria
  • Battista Biggio University of Cagliari
  • Bogdan Carbunar Motorola Labs
  • Brendan Saltaformaggio Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Bruno Crispo University of Trento
  • Charles Morisset Newcastle University
  • Danfeng Yao Virginia Tech
  • Daniele Midi Google
  • Dario Catalano Universita' di Catania
  • Deian Stefan University of California San Diego
  • Dieter Gollmann Hamburg University of Technology
  • Elena Ferrari University of Insubria
  • Endadul Hoque Florida International University
  • Eric Wustrow University of Colorado Boulder
  • Evangelos Markatos Institute of Computer Science, FORTH
  • Federica Paci University of Southampton
  • Florian Kerschbaum University of Waterloo
  • Gang Wang Virginia Tech
  • Gianluca Stringhini Boston University
  • Giovanni Russello University of Auckland
  • Giuseppe Ateniese Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Hassan Takabi University of North Texas
  • Hongxin Hu Clemson University
  • Huasong Shan American Technologies Corporation
  • Indrakshi Ray Colorado State University
  • James Caverlee Texas A&M University
  • Jan Camenisch Dfinity
  • Jorge Lobo ICREA; Universitat Pompeu Fabra
  • Justin Cappos New York University
  • Ke Zhou University of Nottingham
  • Kent Seamons Brigham Young University
  • Lorenzo Cavallaro Royal Holloway, University of London
  • Lorrie Cranor Carnegie Mellon University
  • Lucas Davi University of Duisburg-Essen
  • Luigi Mancini Sapienza University of Rome
  • Magnus Almgren Chalmers University of Technology
  • Manuel Reinert SAP
  • Marc Stoecklin IBM
  • Munindar Singh North Carolina State University
  • Murat Kantarcioglu University of Texas at Dallas
  • N. Asokan Aalto University
  • Nicola Zannone Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Ninghui Li Purdue University
  • Omar Chowdhury University of Iowa
  • Ran Canetti Boston University; Tel Aviv University
  • Reyhaneh Safavi-Naini University of Calgary
  • Richard Chow Intel
  • Roberto Di Pietro Hamad Bin Khalifa University
  • Roberto Perdisci University of Georgia
  • Salmin Sultana Intel
  • Satyajayant Misra New Mexico State University
  • Sherman S. M. Chow Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Simson Garfinkel US Census Bureau
  • Sotiris Ioannidis Institute of Computer Science, FORTH
  • Stefano Mizzaro University of Udine
  • Stefano Zanero Politecnico di Milano
  • Susana Ladra University of A Coruña
  • Ting Yu Qatar Computing Research Institute
  • Wei Jiang University of Missouri-Columbia
  • Weili Han Fudan University
  • William Enck North Carolina State University
  • Xinyi Huang Fujian Normal University, China
  • Xun Yi RMIT Melbourne
  • Zhenkai Liang National University of Singapore

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