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We invite research contributions to the Search Track at the 28th edition of the Web Conference series (formerly known as WWW), to be held May 13-17, 2019 in San Francisco, United States (

The Search Track welcomes submissions of original, high-quality papers related to all the aspects of search.

Topics include (but are not limited to)

  • Web search models and ranking: probabilistic retrieval models, language models, learning to rank, meta-search and resource selection, freshness and diversification of results, automatic relevance feedback, integration of search verticals, aggregated search, etc.
  • Query analysis: segmentation, intent prediction, enrichment, rewriting, etc.
  • Indexing Web content: text, metadata, semantic and social annotations, etc.
  • Web crawling: high performance crawling, refresh crawling, focused crawling, content monitoring, and other crawling strategies and applications.
  • Search engine architecture and scalability: index compression and organization, distribution, federated and selective search, fault tolerance, pruning and approximation heuristics, etc. including efficient query processing: caching early termination, and pruning strategies. Approximate nearest neighbor algorithms for Web search.
  • Evaluation methodologies and metrics, including click analysis, online and offline approaches, implicit signals, user models, collection construction, etc.
  • Interactive search: query suggestion/completion, search assistance applications.
  • Search result presentation: snippet generation, direct answers, interactive results, search engine result page (SERP) generation, etc.
  • Mobile and local search
  • Domain specific search including voice search, product search, image search etc.
  • Conversational search interfaces: spoken and typed multi-turn interactions in retrieval.
  • New search paradigms and applications: implicit search, zero query search, task-based search, collaborative search, real-time search, crowdsourcing in Web search, etc.
  • Personalized or context-aware search and ranking including privacy-aware search
  • Semantic search: entity retrieval, geo/temporal search, entity and knowledge graph for Web search and applications.
  • Vertical and specialized search: enterprise, multimedia, social media, news, dynamic content, email, academic, e-commerce, etc.
  • Deep Learning for Web Search
  • Text analysis, clustering and classification
  • Multilingual and cross-lingual search
  • Information extraction of entities, relationships and events
  • Question answering from the Web
  • Identifying, measuring and dealing with issues of fairness, ethics and bias in Web search


Abstract submission deadline
Oct 29 2018
Full paper submission deadline
Nov 05 2018
Acceptance notification
Jan 21 2019

All submission deadlines are end-of-day in the Anywhere on Earth (AoE) time zone.

Track Chairs

  • Nick Craswell Microsoft, United States
  • Hang Li Bytedance Technology, China
  • Yoelle Maarek Amazon Research, Israel



Program committee

  • Chirag Shah Rutgers University
  • Dan Pelleg Yahoo Research, Oath
  • Elad Yom-Tov Microsoft
  • Eugene Agichtein Emory University
  • Fabrizio Silvestri Facebook
  • Ido Guy eBay Research
  • Jamie Callan Carnegie Mellon University
  • Jiafeng Guo Institute of Computing Technology
  • Ji-Rong Wen Renmin University of China
  • Jun Xu Renmin University of China
  • Jussi Karlgren Gavagai; KTH Royal Institute of Technology
  • Kira Radinsky eBay
  • Liane Lewin-Eytan Amazon Research
  • Luca Maria Aiello Nokia Bell Labs
  • Maarten de Rijke University of Amsterdam
  • Marc Najork Google
  • Mounia Lalmas Spotify
  • Norbert Fuhr University of Duisburg-Essen
  • Omar Alonso Microsoft
  • Oren Kurland Technion, Israel Institute of Technology
  • Vanessa Murdock Amazon Research
  • Wolfgang Nejdl L3S and University of Hannover
  • Yi Chang Huawei Research America
  • Yiqun Liu Tsinghua University
  • Alessandro Moschitti Qatar Computing Research Institute
  • Alex Fabrikant Google
  • Alexander Kotov Wayne State University
  • Alexander Libov Amazon
  • Alexandros Ntoulas LinkedIn
  • Amir Ingber Amazon Research
  • Anagha Kulkarni San Francisco State University
  • Andrew Dai Google
  • Andrew Macfarlane City University London
  • Andrew Trotman University of Otago
  • B. Barla Cambazoglu RMIT University
  • Ben He Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Benjamin Piwowarski CNRS, University Pierre et Marie Curie
  • Bhaskar Mitra Microsoft
  • Bin Wang Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Boughanem Mohand IRIT University Paul Sabatier Toulouse
  • Bruce Croft University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Cheng Li Google
  • Cheng Luo Tsinghua University
  • Chenyan Xiong Carnegie Mellon University; Microsoft
  • Chia-Jung Lee Microsoft
  • Christina Lioma University of Copenhagen
  • Claudio Lucchese Ca' Foscari University of Venice
  • Daniel Cohen University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Dawei Yin
  • Edie Rasmussen University of British Columbia
  • Elad Haramaty Amazon
  • Eliyahu Osherovich Amazon
  • Erik Selberg Amazon
  • Evangelos Kanoulas University of Amsterdam
  • Fan Yixing Chinese Academy Of Sciences
  • Fiana Raiber Yahoo Research, Oath
  • Francisco Claude eBay
  • Gabriele Tolomei University of Padua
  • Gareth Jones Dublin City University
  • Guido Zuccon University of Queensland
  • Hadas Raviv Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
  • Hady Lauw Singapore Management University
  • Haggai Roitman IBM Research Haifa
  • Haggai Roitman IBM Research Haifa
  • Hamed Zamani University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Hao Ma Microsoft
  • Hongning Wang University of Virginia
  • Huawei Shen Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Hui Fang University of Delaware
  • Ilya Markov University of Amsterdam
  • Isabelle Moulinier Capital One
  • Ismail Sengor Altingovde Middle East Technical University
  • Jaap Kamps University of Amsterdam
  • Jaime Arguello University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Jian-Yun Nie University of Montreal
  • Jiaxin Mao Tsinghua University
  • Jiyin He Signal
  • Josiane Mothe Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse
  • Kaushik Chakrabarti Microsoft
  • Kazunari Sugiyama National University of Singapore
  • Ke Zhou University of Nottingham
  • Krisztian Balog University of Stavanger
  • Le Zhao Houzz
  • Liangjie Hong Etsy
  • Liqiang Nie Shandong University
  • Liu Yang University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Luis Gravano Columbia University; Google
  • Makoto P. Kato Kyoto University
  • Maryam Karimzadehgan Google
  • Massimo Melucci University of Padova
  • Michael Bendersky Google
  • Mingrong Liu Sogou
  • Mingyang Zhang Google
  • Moumita Sinha Adobe Research
  • Nadav Golbandi Google
  • Neel Sundaresan eBay
  • Neil O'Hare Yahoo Research, Oath
  • Nicola Ferro University of Padova
  • Nicola Tonellotto ISTI-CNR
  • Peng Zhang Tianjin University
  • Qi Zhang Fudan University
  • Qingyao Ai University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Quan Wang Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Ran Wolff Yahoo Research, Oath
  • Roberto González-Ibáñez Universidad de Santiago de Chile
  • Roberto Konow eBay
  • Rodrygo Santos Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
  • Seung-Won Hwang Yonsei University
  • Shane Culpepper RMIT University
  • Shuguang Han Han Google
  • Stefano Mizzaro University of Udine
  • Susana Ladra University of A Coruña
  • Tao Yang University of California at Santa Barbara
  • Torsten Suel New York University
  • Uri Schonfeld Yahoo
  • Vishwa Vinay Adobe Research Bangalore
  • Wai Lam Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Wei Wu Microsoft
  • Weize Kong Google
  • Xiang Ren University of Southern California
  • Xiangnan He National University of Singapore
  • Xiao Bai Yahoo Research Oath
  • Xin Jiang Huawei Noah's Ark Lab
  • Xuanhui Wang Google
  • Yanyan Lan Chinese Academy Of Sciences
  • Yuanhua Lv Microsoft
  • Zhicheng Dou Renmin University of China
  • Zhifeng Bao RMIT University
  • Zhumin Chen Shandong University
  • Zhuyun Dai Carnegie Mellon University

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